Music Appreciation Podcast


Welcome! This is Mr. Clinton’s Music Appreciation Podcast and Blog. We will be using this site as a part of our classes for our listening journals and to learn more about musical styles and history. We will then be leaving blog posts to comment on the music we listen to along with commenting on the posts of others.


Episode 1: Minimalism

Please listen to our first episode of the podcast. After you have finished listening to the episode post a response to the Blog answering these question:

  1. What were the three minimalist processes that were talked about in the episode?
  2. What did you think of Short Ride in a Fast Machine? What did the piece make you think of? Provide at least two examples of the minimalist techniques, either that we have talked about in class or from the podcast, that you can hear in the piece.
  3. Listen to one of the other pieces that was in the episode (use the links below) and comment on what you thought of the piece. What minimalist processes did you hear? Are there other techniques that were used that you can comment on?

Don’t forget to go to the Blog page to post your response!

Cheating, Lying, Stealing – David Lang

Structure I and II – Pierre Boulez

Pierrot Lunaire – Arnold Schönberg

In C – Terry Riley

Piano Phase – Steve Reich

Country Motion – Philip Glass

Short Ride in  a Fast Machine – John Adams